Membership Meetings: 2nd Thursdays ~ 7-9pm
Park Branch Library, 1833 Page St, SF, CA 94117 (except August)

HANC Membership Meeting - March 2024


Do you have the desire to garden, but no backyard? Would you like to see more green and growing things in our neighborhood? Would you like to help the Haight be more ecological? At HANC's June Membership meeting, we'll talk with the people who have turned sidewalks into mini gardens, some with flower pots on top of the sidewalk, and other by removing sidewalk and planting in the ground. What does it take to make of these plantings? What does it take to maintain one? What are the benefits?

Join HANC for the Sue Bierman      Anniversary Celebration

August 16th, 1-3 pm

bierman_02.pngJoin HANC for a celebration of the life and times of Sue Bierman, HANC founder, Planning Commissioner, two–term Supervisor and Port Commissioner Saturday, August 16th from 1-3 at the Sue Bierman Grove at Oak and Shrader Street in the Panhandle.

We don’t do a general meeting in August and starting last year we instead
do a pot luck picnic in the Panhandle at the site of the Sue Bierman Grove in the month that Sue was born and died, two years ago.

HANC will provide the basics—bar-b-que, drinks and utensils—and
invites the rest to bring their favorite pot luck dish and story of Sue

We will remember our great friend and neighbor and do what
Sue loved to do: get together and talk about the happenings of the

Bring a friend!!

Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council

Joey Cain

Pi Ra
Vice President

Max Drukman
Corresponding Secretary

Bruce Wolfe Standing Secretary

Karen Fishkin Treasurer

Calvin Welch
Housing and Land Use

Susan Latham

Elizabeth Kirchner

Jim Rhoads


Kevin Bayuk

Larry Fergison

Karen Masonheimer

Tes Welborn

Michelle Welch

Ed Dunn Recycling Center


Position on Drafting a New Housing Element
          HANC Board , March 19th, 2009

  Overall Policy

To maximize permanently affordable housing opportunities for lower income San Franciscans, especially seniors, families, people at-risk or currently homeless, and people with special needs.

Policy 1:

To ensure in all three parts of the Housing Element- the Needs (data) Section, the Policy Section and the Implementation Section- adopted in the Housing Element, quantify, support and advance our overall policy.

Policy 2:

That policies and programs be adopted that link the production of market rate housing to increased permanently affordable housing opportunities and the development of sustainable infrastructural facilities including public transit, schools and community facilities, parks and employment opportunities.

Policy 3:

That policies and programs be adopted that protect and enhance current low income communities and neighborhoods, protects rent controlled housing from conversions and demolition. Increases in residential density, height and bulk, and reductions in parking requirements should be permitted only if they also result in significant increases in affordability of the housing created, especially to lower income households.

Policy 4:

That all “smart growth” and “sustainable development” ( as required by SB375) policies adopted clearly delineate how they will be consistent with increasing affordable housing opportunities and result in housing able to be afforded by a San Francisco based- non-commuter- workforce.

PO Box 170518  San Francisco CA 94117

Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council


Stanyan Street

Gateway or Barricade to Golden Gate Park

Stanyan Street 2009

  • Cars speeding down Stanyan hill to make the light @ Frederick
  • Fast left and right turns into pedestrians
  • Cars failing to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk
  • The Morning & Evening Freeway

AND BY 2013

Whole Foods will move in with 2000 more car trips a day

Join us as we discuss how we can create a better Stanyan Street

Join us for the 31st Annual Haight-Ashbury Street Fair that will be taking place on Sunday, June 8, 2008, from 11 am until 5:30 pm. From Masonic Avenue to Stanyan Street, enjoy a variety of vendors, two stages hosting live entertainment and more.
For more information

2008 Haight Street Fair Poster

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