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The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC) and the Proposed 690 Stanyan Mixed Use Development: A Report to the Neighborhood

June 2009

Calvin Welch, HANC Housing and Land Use Committee

The May, 2009 announcement (see chronology, below for full text Business Times coverage of the announcement) by the developers that the 205,000 square foot, seven story mixed use project for 690 Stanyan Street was abandoned because of financial reasons complicated by the long delay and fees imposed by the City was the final act of a three year neighborhood battle that like many other aspects of the dispute, is less than fully accurate.

The following narrative and chronology of the controversy is an attempt to offer a more comprehensive and accurate recounting of events which show that it was the developers insistence on a huge, out of scale project and their inability to address legitimate concerns about the impacts of that development that delayed and then doomed the project.

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